ESR 3: Template protection in biometric-based mobile scenarios

What was achieved and the impacts

The research work has been focused on biometric template protection in mobile platforms. We defined a roadmap for the security and privacy analyses of template protection. It was stated that privacy and security analyses must firstly begin with a clear definition of protection goals. This is to clarify the objectives of evaluation criteria as well as security and privacy aspects to be assessed. We also looked at the issues and challenges of template protection in mobile framework.

We examined issues such as security and privacy, performance of template protection schemes and resource limitations. We examined multibiometric template protection scheme using deep learning and homomorphic encryption on mobile platforms.

We draw attention to the fact that template protection security assessment should entail analysis with regards to privacy, security, performance, computational complexities and resource constraints of the template protection method.

We believe exploiting homomorphic encryption techniques with regards to template protection on mobile devices is one of the best solutions to enhance security as multibiometrics and cloud computing are gaining momentum in the mobile environment.

Published work can be seen here.

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