The 10 projects within AMBER are:

ESR 1: Usability Performance Assessment of Mobile Touch-Screen Behavioural Biometrics  partners-icon-ukc
ESR 2: Continuous and Instantaneous Authentication using Mobile Devices  partners-icon-ukc
ESR 3: Template protection in biometric-based mobile scenarios  partners-icon-roma
ESR 4: Multibiometrics architectures and privacy in a mobile environment  partners-icon-roma
ESR 5: Countermeasure algorithms against subterfuge in mobile biometric systems  partners-icon-wut
ESR 6: Making mobile biometrics more reliable  partners-icon-wut
ESR 7: Privacy in nomadic cross-system mobile  partners-icon-ovgu
ESR 8: User-centric and self-determined privacy management in mobile biometrics  partners-icon-ovgu
ESR 9: Vulnerability assessment in the use of biometrics in unsupervised environments  partners-icon-uc3m
ESR 10: Traceable and comparable evaluation methodology for the usability of biometric systems  partners-icon-uc3m