Namirial is a software company that develops and sells its own enterprise solution for Digital Transaction Management (DTM) through direct and indirect sales channels. Among other services, Namirial DTM provides IT solutions to capture legally compliant electronic signatures, manages and tracks the flow of documents between contractual parties, conducts secure document-based transactions, and guarantees the secure storage of data. Namirial and its predecessors have a combined history of more than 10 years of digital signature expertise.



NASK connected Poland to the Internet in 1991. Currently NASK is a research institute subordinate to the Ministry of Digital Affairs. Its key activities are related to ensuring the security of the Internet. The National Cybersecurity Center, operating within the structure of NASK, responds to cyber security threats in the network. NASK carries the scientific activities with a particular focus on biometric authentication and various aspects of network optimization, as well as R&D activities in the field of security, reliability and efficiency of the ICT networks.


 Skalli Networks GmbH


Skalli Networks GmbH is an innovation-oriented IT service provider and IT systems integrator with strong relation to the Berlin-Brandenburg region. Secure and privacy preserving technologies becomes more and more relevant and important in our service and product portfolio because of the confidential nature of customer data in mobile context. As a consequence of that our company is increasingly involved in cooperative research projects, e.g. in the domain of homomorphic encryption for biometrics and other sensitive data. Our strategy is to strengthen research and development in future.


 NUBO Solutions

NUBO Solutions started its activities in September 2012, with the aim of bring into the market all the expertise and know-how of its researchers in the field of ICT solutions. Based on the previous experience in fields such as ICT Security and Identification technologies (such as smartcards and biometrics), their work is targeting two main lines: mobile applications and cloud computing. The work is performed using a multi-platform approach and optimising the usability for the European citizen. Solutions developed are personalised to cover the needs of the customer, at sectors such as health care, product distribution, distributed on-the-spot service contracting, etc.


 Eleven Paths

Eleven Paths is a company integrated into the Telefónica matrix. Since June 2013, Eleven Paths has continuously invented and developed new and innovative products that challenge security and redefine the relationship between security and people. At Eleven Paths the main objective is the creation of security products that redefine how we deal with current and future threats, as well as to enable notions such as security or privacy for all persons by default, bringing these concepts to them without interfering in their professional or private activities.



GenKey We’re experts in biometrics. We help millions of people in Africa, and other emerging markets, to identify who they are based on something unique – their own biometric data. Together with partners, we deliver large scale biometric identity programs, with particular experience in national elections and healthcare. Our mission is to give an identity to millions of people that don’t have one. To date, we’ve helped over 110 million people across Africa to verify who they are. But, that’s just the beginning. There’s an estimated 1.5 billion people that have no legal identity – that’s no birth certificate, no ID card, no passport, nothing. Our technology and solutions, packed with over 30 granted patents, are built for the challenge. GenKey is headquartered in the Netherlands, with offices in Africa (Ghana) and the US (Chicago). In 2011 a merger between the former GenKey and priv-ID BV, a spin-off from Philips Research, created the new GenKey.



IBM is a leading systems integrator and developer of biometric systems. These include the UK’s Visa Checking system which provides ongoing support to the UK Border Force Agency. This is a live system that covers all aspects of biometric matching to support national objectives of border control. IBM has a global research and development presence of over 35,000 researchers. IBM has led the number of USA patents applied for in a year for over 10 years. IBM Research has a large number of research groups and has developed privacy enhancing technologies such as cancellable biometrics and fully homomorphic encryption. IBM is a global business headquartered in the USA. i2 is a subsidiary of IBM with a research presence in Cambridge that is actively pursuing face recognition research activities