Engaging with the public about your research

This weekend scientists from the University of Kent will be speaking about their research to the general public at the Soapbox Science event in Canterbury. Check it out here: https://goo.gl/egN8qU and follow on Twitter with @SoapboxScience.

What is so important about events like this, is that it brings research and the public together. Engaging with the public encourages the scientific and research community to share their amazing work and important discoveries, and in doing so raising the profile of science.

When I attended the Marie Curie Alumni UK Chapter (MCAA-UK) 2018 general assembly
in March 2018 (read about it here) I went to the parallel session on Strategic Communications for Engagement and Impact where Chair: Sophie Grellet, Open University, related her experience of public engagement. Her enthusiasm for the challenge and the difficulty of first putting herself out there rang true for a lot of people in the room.

The takeaway from this post is – share your passion for your research by sharing with the public. Keep involved with events like Soapbox Science, and pass on your knowledge and enthusiasm for your work.

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